Series 8 / Netflix Season 1

All episodes were dropped on Netflix in most countries worldwide on 14 September 2022 at 5pm AEST (8am BST).


Episode 1 – Map B**ch

The episode starts by introducing the long-time friendship between Amerie Wadia (Ayesha Madon) and Harper McLean (Asher Yasbincek) and their creation of a “hook up map” – a guide as to who has had sexually encounters with who at Hartley High recently. It also introduces her family and then two more of her close friends Sasha So (Gemma Chua-Tran) and Missy Beckett (Sherry-Lee Watson), who she travels to school with on their first day back in school, but there’s no sign of Harper. However, the reveal of the hook up map lands Amerie in hot water and after she takes the fall for Harper, she’s shocked when her friend, now sporting a new look of a shaved head, punches her out in public. We are introduced to school principal Stacey “Woodsy” Woods (Rachel House), teacher “Jojo Obah (Chika Ikogwe) and the other regular student characters from Hartley High – Dustin “Dusty” Reid (Josh Heuston), Spencer “Spider” White (Bryn Chapman-Parish), Anthony “Ant” Vaughn (Brodie Townsend), Darren Rivers (James Majoos), Quinni Gallagher-Jones (Chloe Hayden), Douglas “Ca$h” Pickett (Will McDonald) and Malakai Mitchell (Thomas Weatherall) – in a schoolyard announcement due their inclusion on the map. Amerie is outcast by most of her friends as the fall-out from the map continues, and Darren tries to reconnect with his dad Peter Rivers (Scott Major).

Guest Stars: Isabella Mistry as Chaka Cardenes, Ben Oxenbould as Justin


Episode 2 – Renaissance Titties

Following the fall-out from the hook-up map, the kids continue with their sex education, learning about the dangers of “sexting”. Amerie receives a party invite from Dusty, who is shocked when a song he plays at the event is dedicated to Harper and not her. Quinni “comes out” as autistic to Sasha. Rivers attempts to bond with his son Darren, whilst Chaka gets annoyed at his attitude in the café.

Guest Stars: Isabella Mistry as Chaka Cardenes, Ben Oxenbould as Justin


Episode 3 – Eetsway

Harper goes to stay with her father, whilst Dusty attempts to make up with her. Amerie still can’t make any sense out of Harper as to why the former best friends have fallen out, so after trying to bond with the Hartley ha ha club, continues to find comfort in Malakai. Darren gets closer to both his father and Ca$h.

Guest Stars: Ben Oxenbould as Justin


Episode 4 – Rack Off

Amerie wants to keep things cool with Malakai, seeing as she really prefers Dusty, but following their 24 hours of intimacy, Malakai wants more commitment. The class receives a visit from former student Kurt Peterson who teaches the female students how to tell people to “rack off” but Harper takes things a bit too personally. The gang attend the Mardi Gras Slay Ball with not everything going to plan.

Guest Starring – Jeremy Lindsay Taylor as Kurt Peterson, Maggie Dence as Nan. Note: Peter Rivers doesn’t appear in this episode.


Episode 5 – Bin Chicken

Hartley High is selected to kick off the City of Sydney school basketball finals and the school needs a clean up. So Woodsy offers a 50 dollars PlayStation gift voucher for the student who picks up the most rubbish. Quinni is desperate to win. Darren and Cash fix up a date. Malakai is still feeling guilty about his drunken night. JoJo educates the students about the reality of porn.

Guest Starring – Maggie Dence as Nan. Note: Peter Rivers doesn’t appear in this episode.


Episode 6 – Angeline

Harper deals with the fall out of her public statement at the basketball match and finds out something else about herself. Quinni prepares for the biggest evening of her life, whilst Sasha realises that dating her isn’t completely straightforward. Amerie hosts a party to celebrate being back in the social circles and Harper faces a race against time to save her from making a big mistake.

Guest Stars: Ben Oxenbould as Justin. Note: Peter Rivers doesn’t appear in this episode.


Episode 7 – The Sheriff

JoJo resigns after being accused of having sex with Amerie, despite being found innocent. The students, in traditional Hartley High style, organise a protest to try and convince her that she’s wanted. Following her relationship issues, Qunni withdraws into herself. Harper goes over the top and looks to make a big error of judgement.

Guest Stars: Ben Oxenbould as Justin.


Episode 8 – Three of Swords

As Harper reflects on what she’s just done, the shocking truth about what happened at the festival in the summer, and afterwards, is finally revealed. Rivers reveals some truths about his past and gives Darren some advise. A video release means Ca$h must pay for his past, but Chook is still at large which enrages Harper.

Guest Stars: Isabella Mistry as Chaka Cardenes, Ben Oxenbould as Justin, Maggie Dence as Nan



Award Year Category Nominee Result
AACTA Awards 2022 Best Drama Series Heartbreak High Nominated
Best Lead Actor in Drama James Majoos Nominated
Best Supporting Actor in Drama Thomas Weatherall Won
Best Direction in Drama or Comedy Gracie Otto Nominated
Best Screenplay in Television Hannah Carroll Chapman (for “Map Bitch”) Won
Best Cinematography in Television Simon Ozolins (for “Map Bitch”) Nominated
Best Costume Design in Television Rita Carmody (for “Map Bitch”) Won
Best Production Design in Television Marni Kornhauser (for “Map Bitch”) Nominated
Best Casting Amanda Mitchell Nominated
Audience Choice Award for Best Television Series Heartbreak High Won
Audience Choice Award for Best Actor Bryn Chapman-Parish Won
Thomas Weatherall Nominated
Audience Choice Award for Best Actress Chloe Hayden Won
Ayesha Madon Nominated
Asher Yasbincek Nominated