Heartbreak High book to be published – with many original cast interviews

Listen up guys for some very exciting news! Heartbreak High fans Ian Golden and Helen Heath have been working on a book about the show! 💖

With assistance and feedback from Any Art Netty we now have the first draft, but would welcome any contributions like old articles being sent through etc that would be useful for us! We will be sure to credit you in the book if you can help.

We have been lucky enough to interview many cast members like Katherine Halliday, Isabella Mistry, Abi Tucker, Barbara Gouskos, Inge HB, Sebastian Goldspink, Rel Hunt, Lara Cox, Andrea Moor, Putu Winchester-Stanton, Corey Page, Stephen O’Rourke, Despina Notaras, Ian Bliss, Jim Holt, Katherine Hicks, as well as Todd Hunter and Brian Abel. Some have given their first ever interviews about the show, and more are expected to follow.

There’s a chapter on each series, a music chapter, and an episode guide.

We will keep you updated here with news about publication and how you can get a copy or sign up for information.